The true test of love

Jean Adams, a French footballer, has been in coma for 37 years due to a mistake his doctor made while putting him to sleep for a surgery to repair a torn ligament.

His wife Bernadette, who he married in 1969 still stays by his bedside till today.

A story of love, pain and tears. I ran into the story this morning – and it really just broke my heart.

The wife tends for him, looks after him, feeds him, and with the help of nurses and physiotherapists who come every day, she’s able to bath him and provide daycare 24/7.

The interesting, but the sad part of this story is the said doctor and his colleague only went to jail for a month and was fined about 815 dollars.

That’s all.

For an error that has cost a man his entire life, cost his family a father and a husband, and cost the world a great athlete.

We will never know of true love – if things always work out and nothing tests our resolve.

Love is an action word.

Love is not just roses and vacations.

Love is basically giving up yourself and your life, if need be, for someone else.

That woman is a gem, and will always be.