The link between governance and economic growth in Africa

Lots of countries have not always been able to understand the essence of politics from the economic perspective over the past several decades and thus have not transferred the focus of national work to economic construction. Some countries have ignored the fundamental goal of economic development over a long period and became deeply entangled in meaningless political strife.

Poverty and backwardness are sources of political unrest, conflict and even terrorism. If a government is not concentrating on economic development, trying to improve livelihoods, and maintaining a stable and effective state system, it will not be able to accomplish meaningful goals, and it will be brought down sooner or later.

Over the years, western countries have advanced political reform in Africa.

For today’s African countries, economic construction and social development are the main priorities goals.

African nations need to implement political reform. But, the starting point should be ways to enhance African economic development and improve living standards. Then it will be possible to put in place  political  reform  through the  advancement  of  economic capacity,  rather  than mechanically copying western political systems.  Similarly, today’s African countries need to maintain stability in order to better promote economic development and livelihood improvement.

If the eradication of terrorism and stability are achieved at the expenses of economic development or do not contribute to the promotion of development, the stability eventually will not be maintained and the elimination of terrorism will prove difficult to achieve as well.