The Kardashians Worry Too Much About Tyga, Love And Money.

The Kardashian family is getting really worried that Tyga might be doing some gold digging on Kylie.

Image: The Kardashians

Tyga, 26, is superconnected to the family and no matter what they feel, the Kardashians can’t get rid of him. Rob Kardashian is engaged to Blac Chyna, who has a child for the rapper. Besides, Kylie is madly in love with the guy.

Though his fortunes seem to have dwindled over the years, the ‘Rack City’ rapper is working hard, needing only a little help from girlfriend Kylie once in a while. What are friends for?

Image: Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

Reports confirm that Tyga is facing financial troubles, and had to borrow some huge amount of money from Kylie. Before their split earlier this year, he owed the young model something around $500,000 which caused troubles until they found love again.

An insider told Grazia magazine that “the family [Kardashians] are increasingly worried that Tyga isn’t good news.

“They worry he’s a hanger-on after learning he owes a lot of people money, and has borrowed thousands of dollars from Kylie.”

Image: Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

According to the report, momager Kris Jenner has been worried ever since the lovebirds returned from Bahamas, where it was rumored that they had a secret wedding. Kylie was asked questions on their return but she chose to remain mute on the issue.

Now the 19-year-old beauty is giving her mom and family some serious heartache. The Kardashians believe Tyga will propose to Kylie–if they aren’t married already.

“The couple have even talked marriage and Kris’ biggest panic is that Kylie might do something stupid, like elope without a prenup,” the source explained.

“She’s asked Kendall to keep an eye on Kylie and discourage her from doing anything rash.”

Making rash decisions in love is something of a family trademark as older half-sisters Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have all been involved in messy divorces.

Image: Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

Tyga was said to have a net worth of $10million earlier this year though in 2010, he declared bankruptcy. It’s a mystery why he’s always buying luxury cars for himself and gifting Kylie some more, while he has landlords asking for his head over unpaid rents.

‘The Last Kings’ designer wears owner may have more to explain, if Kylie doesn’t know already. At 19, the mini beauty mogul sure knows what she wants.

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