Thank God For Demi Lovato.

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People with bad habits appreciate themselves more if they successfully call it quits. When the habit turns out dangerous or life-threatening and a superstar is involved, then a divine intervention is needed. Thank God that Demi Lovato made it through hell.

VMA 2015: Demi Lovato Twitter Takeover

In 2010, the ‘Cool for the Summer’ singer aged 19, checked into rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. She also suffered an eating disorder which wasn’t as bad as the ‘demonic attack’ within her that constantly pushed her to commit suicide.

Four good, wonderful and miraculous years has passed since and the success called for celebration. Demi is now 23.

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Yesterday she shared her victory over the demons with her 35 million followers on Twitter. “This last year I experienced so much life and too much death … But I made it through … Sober. #4Years #GodsWill

Indeed, it is God’s will for you to make it through, Demi.

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Another cryptic tweet, read: “Most people die but others just go … She’s still out there and the chasm grows … Steady are the feet in the morning glow. (sic)”

Demi Lovato celebrates four years sober

In her words of advice, Demi Lovato encouraged everyone especially her fans to never stop believing. She wants us to believe that we can fight and win whatever demons we have within or outside. If she did it, then we all can.

The actress, singer and song-writer who made her debut as a child actress with Barney & Friends wrote: “I can’t believe I have 4 years on Tuesday … Anything is possible.” 

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She has starred in many movies which include: Prison Break Season2 Episode 4, Grey’s Anatomy and more.

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