Taylor Swift says Joe Alwyn co-wrote hit songs on Folklore

She’s riding high on the success of her latest album, Folklore, which received six Grammy nominations on Tuesday.

And Taylor Swift confirmed what many fans had already assumed by revealing that boyfriend Joe Alwyn co-wrote a few songs on her melodic catalog.

While discussing the song Exile in her new film dedicated to creating the album, the 30-year-old singer casually admitted Joe was the person behind the pseudonym William Bowery. 

“So, William Bowery is Joe, as we know,” she said of her boyfriend of nearly four years.

“Joe plays piano beautifully,” she added. “He’s always just playing and making things up and kind of creating things. Joe had written that entire piano part.”

Taylor has long been a fan of nicknames and famously wrote as Nils Sjöberg on then-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ song This Is What You Came For.