TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: Tom Brady retirement sand to sell for millions of dollars on eBay

Bottled sand from Tom Brady‘s exact retirement spot is selling on eBay with a current bid of nearly $100,000 and over one week left to go in the auction as of Friday night.

Brady, 45, announced his retirement on February 1 with a video from an undisclosed location. One person tracked down the oceanside property to make easy money.

Less than 24 hours later, samples taken from Brady’s exact retirement spot were uploaded to eBay, with a starting bid of $677 in honor of his career touchdowns.

Only two samples were taken hours after Brady’s retirement video was posted online. The winner of the auction will receive an eight-ounce mason jar filled with the sand.

A second sample will go to Boston Connor of “The Pat McAfee Show,” according to gadgetgs, the user selling the bottled sand on eBay.

Beware of fake Tom Brady retirement sand

With the bid going as high as $100K in less than one day, it’s safe to say that it’ll only keep gaining traction and increase in value.

The jar of sand could very well reach a selling price of over $1 million, especially if a famous person makes a bid. There are currently 124 placed bids and the auction ends Feb. 12, at 13:43.

“You will be owning the very land the GOAT retired on,” the listing reads. “Video proof of the sample being collected can be provided upon request as Ebay does not allow video posts.”

While the original publisher also states that no other person will be selling fresher sand, there are already duplicate posts on eBay created by users attempting to defraud NFL fans.