Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao shows sign of mental illness

Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao has been on an indefinite hiatus after her health deteriorated back last March. A year later, rumors of her making a comeback started circulating as she reemerged on social media.

However, fans are now concerned for Elva’s mental state after she uploaded a slightly disturbing video on her Instagram page on July 18.

Elva, who looked slightly disheveled, started the video in English by slurring “Good morning guys. I woke up pretty early today.”

She then switched to Mandarin, where she shared that she was in Beijing, before dozing off. Shaking herself awake seconds later, she continued, “I miss my child very much. I don’t know what I should say. I’ll gradually let myself see a happier me, an (Elva) that both you and me want to see. Okay? I really feel like sleeping now…”

Elva then dozed off again, before shaking herself awake.

She then started muttering intelligibly before the video cut off abruptly.

Some netizens asked if she was high on drugs, while others asked if she was drunk. She responded to one comment with, “nope I am just desalt my babes n fall asleep lol I think I wassleeptalking (sic)”. Her reply further mystified netizens, raising even more concern about her well-being.

Netizens’ concerns about her mental state alerted her agency, who then issued a statement to clarify what was going on. They shared that Elva misses her dog as she is currently separated from it, and that she was very concerned after finding out that it fell ill. The label then apologised for causing concern, and assured that Elva is working hard towards making a comeback soon.

A day before her Instagram update, she wrote on her Weibo, “When the timing is right, you’ll meet a better you while you’re walking in the crowd. I don’t know why but listening to my old song (‘Di Xia Tie’) matches my current mood. Do you ever feel this way?”

The song, which captures the bittersweet feeling of living city life, was released in 2003.