Nude Photo Shoot: Chinese Woman Taking Photography To A New Level.

A Chinese woman has torn apart the cultural blindfolds covering the country from unholy pornographic infiltration from the West, after she willingly posed for a nude photo shoot in public–a lake, of all places. They called it “art”.

大理的裸体拍摄离艺术创作不只隔着一套内衣? - 姬鹏 - 姬鹏

The woman and her photographer defied Chinese government’s strict censorship on pornography by this adventure which has aroused criticisms all over the country since the pictures surfaced online.

Google, FaceBook, and Twitter are few of the popular networks freely accessible in many countries, except China–but this small body art ‘beauty’ has dared the authorities.

Government’s censorship in the media has been embraced as a part of Chinese culture, though that’s not to say the country is deep-rooted in morality more than any other.

That notwithstanding, a look at the sexy Chinese woman and her photographer, portraying nude body arts in a way that the country has never seen in centuries, has sparked wide debates.

Some argued, “If naked in Ang Lee’s film, it must be artistic. If naked in the Japanese AV film, it must be erotic. If less rich in nude photo, it must be a new love.” Where then does China stand in all the pretense?

The argument continues: “If Jade Xifeng naked in Ang Lee’s film, it must be performance art. If Jade Xifeng naked in the Japanese AV film, it must be speculation.

“If less rich in jade Xifeng naked picture, it must be according to PS.”

People who think nude art should be embraced in China, are making serious arguments in defense of what they believe is too much censorship and lack of freedom.

Some say nudity is acceptable as a form of art. Others agree “feminism” can’t exclude “sexual freedom”.

大理的裸体拍摄离艺术创作不只隔着一套内衣? - 姬鹏 - 姬鹏

While a few this is the 21st century, arguing that China should throw away every cultural vestige and preach freedom at its best, a selected few still think moral judgement should prevail.

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