How remarkable is your dog?

A dog walks into a butcher shop and the butcher asks, “What do you want?” The dog points to steak in a glass case. “How many pounds?” The dog barks twice. “Anything else?” The butcher asks. The dog points to some pork chops and barks four times. So, the butcher wraps up a two-pound steak and … Continue reading How remarkable is your dog?

How Butcher Chopped Off Wife’s Hands And A Leg In Anger.

December 13, 2015 the day Judy Muendi attracted her butcher-husband's wrath, will remain boldly written in her heart till the day she dies--though that'll be a long time because she's a survivor. The victim survived to tell you this story of how she moved on since the horrific attack until now. Image: Judy Muendi (Source: … Continue reading How Butcher Chopped Off Wife’s Hands And A Leg In Anger.

Surprise in a Dustbin.

A man from Seattle found a surprise in his recycling bin as he pulled it open on Saturday. He wasn't expecting to see anything except wastes but like a nightmare, he found something shocking - three body parts including a foot. The homeowner quickly called in 911 to report his find and the police confirmed … Continue reading Surprise in a Dustbin.