How Butcher Chopped Off Wife’s Hands And A Leg In Anger.

December 13, 2015 the day Judy Muendi attracted her butcher-husband’s wrath, will remain boldly written in her heart till the day she dies–though that’ll be a long time because she’s a survivor. The victim survived to tell you this story of how she moved on since the horrific attack until now.


Image: Judy Muendi (Source: Capital FM).

On that fateful day, her husband and father of three kids bestowed on himself, the rights to decide whether she lives or not, by denying her two hands and a leg.

It’s a miracle that she survived thanks to her husband not wanting to kill her outrightly. He probably wished to teach Judy a lesson that even God won’t consider an option for the wicked.

The couple lived in Emali, a sub-urb in Kenya. They had marital problems just a day prior to the attack, and her husband threatened to kill her.

Reports confirm that the 28-year-old got scared and escaped from their home. She spent the night at a neighbors house but returned to her husband the next morning, thinking he had calmed down. But that was her greatest mistake.

Judy met her “sweetheart” [a butcher who kills cows at the market place] holding a matchet.

Investigations confirmed it was the same knife he used to kill cows and chop the meat at the butchery.

She never knew the husband had plans to “operate on her” like he does with the cows in the butchery. In an act of wickedness, just within a few seconds and minutes, he grabbed Judy, pinned her on the ground and did what he knows how to do best.

When he was done, there lay pieces of her two hands and leg in a pool of blood.

Someone said, “in that madness, he could have as well cooked the meat for consumption”.

A house that was once a marital home, immediately turned into a crime and horror scene, abandoned for police investigations.

Judy Muendi admits the memory always play back like a video clip, making it look like it was just yesterday even though 8 months have already passed.

No one was around to help her through the horrific attack notwithstanding her calls for help, and of course, you wouldn’t dare a butcher if you had seen the knife. Would you?

Neighbors arrived after the man had her fill of blood, and the victim was rushed to a hospital where she spent three months going through treatments and surgeries.

Judy lost two arms and a leg but still, she didn’t give up on life.

When she returned to her “normal life” in Emali, she continued her grocery business but is facing serious challeneges because her trade demands that sellers run around shoppers near Nairobi-Mombasa Highway with their goods.

A report confirms the survivor has many street kids as friends. They do the unthinkable for her–picking her every morning from her home on a wheel chair, and taking her back after a hard day’s job.

Ben Mwangi [one of the street kids] is her closest friend. He told reporters:

“I do it for free. It comes from my heart because when she had two legs and her hands Judy was always nice to us.

“She used to help us and that’s why we help her. We push her wheelchair in the evening and morning.”

Any lesson learnt from that?

Judy Muendi at her grocery business in Emali/CFM NEWS

Image: Judy Muendi (Source: Capital FM).

Though Judy’s husband was arrested after the incident, she has suffered the agony of having a wicked husband for the past eight months, and the struggles continue.

For the disability inflicted on her by the heartless husband, the survivor says “forgiveness is something she has left to God”.

“I have told God to decide. He chopped off my hands and leg. Even if he had cut my head, only God knows what to do with him,” Judy said, trying hard to fight back the tears as she recalls that her kids are out of school because she cannot raise enough money to take care of the family.