Sylvester Stallone prepares with two lawyers for a 1990 rape allegation

No woman ever wishes to be raped in the actual sense of it, and even those with bizarre sexual fantasies would admit trembling in fear if they ever had to face sexual assault from the American actor and filmmaker, Sylvester Stallone, who is popularly known as “John Rambo”.

The famous Hollywood actor was recently accused by a woman who said she raped her in the 1990s during a meeting in his office.

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Image: Sylvester Stallone

According to a report from TMZ, the accuser has filed a case at Santa Monica police station.

Prior to the news surfacing in the media, Stallone denied forcing himself on any woman.

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By this rape allegation, the 71-year-old actor joins a long list of famous Hollywood icons who have been indicted for sexual misconduct in the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein’s multiple sexual assault accusations from dozens of victims.

John Rambo’s lawyer, Martin Singer, told newsmen that his client spent only three days with the “rape victim” in 1987 during a movie shoot in Israel.

However, the legal representative stressed that both movie partners never hooked up again in the 90s as the woman claims, adding that Stallone did not rape her. The actor has now filed a counter police complaint against fer for an alleged defamation of character.

This ongoing sexual abuse case marks a second of such against Stallone, who was also indicted earlier this year by a 16-year-old girl. The accuser said she engaged in a threesome with the double Academy Awards winner and his bodyguard after the first accused person invited her to his hotel suite in Las Vegas.

According to the teenager who said she was not interested in pressing charges, they had an orgy while producing the movie titled Over the Top. Local authorities said they had no choice but to drop the case as Stallone’s alleged rape victim wished.

The action man’s spokesperson denied all accusations, making reference to it as a “ridiculous” and “categorically false story.”

Police in Santa Monica, California, are currently investigating the most recent sexual misconduct case filed against Stallone by the 50-year-old actress who first went public with the news mid-November.

Although the statute of limitations has long expired, officials are reportedly looking into the story and will present any evidence to the District Attorney’s Office, where prosecutors will then decide whether or not to press charges.

Sexual assault or battery complaints are typically only investigated if they are filed within 10 years of the alleged incident taking place. In this case, sources tell TMZ the current climate regarding sexual misconduct, particularly in Hollywood, has made them reconsider this particular one.

Stallone was spotted at his attorney’s office on 22 December in preparation for the legal battle. The Creed actor and his civil lawyer, Singer, have hired a criminal defense lawyer to lend a helping hand with the case despite vehement denials on the rape allegation.

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