Suella Braverman to challenge Met Police chief over handling of protesters chanting ‘jihad’

The home secretary will challenge the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police over the force’s decision not to arrest pro-Palestine protesters calling for “jihad” against Israel.

Suella Braverman will tell Sir Mark Rowley later “there can be no place for incitement to hatred or violence” on UK streets and police should “crackdown on anyone breaking the law”.

Some ministers have condemned the police for their handling of rallies in London and other cities over the weekend.

The force said officers had also reviewed a video of a Hizb ut-Tahrir protest showing a man speaking into a microphone in front of a banner reading “Muslim Armies! Rescue the People of Palestine”.

The main speaker asks: “What is the solution to liberate people from the concentration camp called Palestine?”

A man standing to the side of the speaker, but neither on a platform nor speaking into the microphone, can then be heard chanting words including “jihad, jihad”, as can some others attending the rally.

Responding to the post on social media, the Met said specialist counterterrorism officers had not identified any offences arising from the clip.

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