Stephanie Adams: An abusive ex can lie and deny, but will never avoid their eventual karma

Stephanie Adams, the American model and spirituality author who jumped off Manhattan hotel with her son, lived a life plagued with pain and sorrow.

The Playboy Playmate and her 7-year-old son fell from a New York City hotel last weekend in an incidence better described as “filicide” by legal practitioners, a circumstance where a parent kills their child, although investigators suspect murder-suicide.

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Image: Stephanie and Vincent

Sources said police and hotel management were alerted by guests who saw their bodies on the second-floor balcony.

Stephanie, 47, was involved in a contentious divorce before jumping from the 25th floor of the Gotham on East 46th Street, New York Post reported.

The New Jersey-born model who claimed to be a direct descendant of former U.S. presidents – John Adams and John Quincy Adams – spent her last years enduring pains from failed relationships, messy lawsuits and custody battle for Vincent, her son with Charles Nicholai.

She once described Vincent as the inspiration behind her success.

A law enforcement official confirmed to ABC News that Vincent was always present in court hearings between the estranged lovers.

The couple’s custody battle has been an active case with the Administration of Children’s Services. According to Fox News, Stephanie filed for divorce from Nicolai, the owner of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness, but asked the court to grant her child support from him.

The relationship between Nicolai and his ex has been so toxic that the deceased was scheduled to hand over their child during a scheduled meeting at the NYPD’s 1st Precinct.

A friend to the couple said the decision was to ensure that no violence takes place during visits.

Richard Johnson, a correspondent with NY Post acknowledged that Stephanie was bitter that she hadn’t enough money to embark on a summer trip to Europe. Her current boyfriend is a Spaniard who lives in Spain and has a home in London.

The deceased had asked court on Wednesday to grant permission so she could take Vincent to Spain, where her new lover resides at the moment. Nicolai protested and the judge ordered her to turn over Vincent’s international passport.

The late model was said to have incurred huge debts to legal representatives handling her case for Vincent.

“All I want to do is take my son and get away from this nightmare for a few days but they won’t let me,” Stephanie told Johnson on Thursday.

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Stephanie, who was previously married to an Italian investment banker, made headlines in 2013, when a former employee (massage therapist) at her husband’s wellness outfit was fired. The claimant sued both Nicolai and his ex, saying the deceased initiated her sack out of jealousy.

“She felt threatened and was jealous that ‘I’m too cute,’” Dilek Edwards said at that time.

Her words, “I received lots of frantic text messages that read ‘You are NOT welcome any longer at Wall Street Chiropractic…DO NOT ever step foot there again and stay the F*** away from my husband and family!!!!! And remember I warned you.”

Edwards, 32, claimed her relationship with Nicolai was purely on professional grounds.

“It was purely professional with Nicolai,” the massage therapist added, “and I have no idea what sparked her suspicions.”

Nicola said, “My sessions with Edwards had to be a secret because if Stephanie heard of it, she would have created ugly scenes.”

Meanwhile, NYPD Chief William Aubry confirmed Stephanie and her son were assigned to the 25th floor of Gotham hotel at 6pm last Thursday.

The Post quoted a friend to the deceased model as saying she showed no signs of possible suicide until her death except some emotional issues for which she sought help, and other money-related depressions, especially with regards to footing bills from the lawsuit.

“But remember to #love yourself and your child before anyone. An abusive ex can lie and deny but can never hide from their own eventual #karma,” Stephanie wrote in a Twitter post last November.

In December 2017 she tweeted about women being happier after divorce.

“The best decision many women will ever make is to file for one immediately…,” she wrote.

Police said they are trying to ascertain if Stephanie had Vincent’s in her arms, with his hand in hers during the fall or whether it was him who pushed her, CBS New York said.

Stephanie filed a lawsuit against the NYPD and was granted $1.2 million by a jury in 2012 for injuries she sustained after being manhandled by police in 2006. She said police threw her to the ground at gunpoint after she had a confrontation with taxi driver Erik Darko, who claimed the deceased had “flashed vampire teeth” at him and was reaching for a gun to shoot him.

She argued that problem ensued when the driver refused to carry her clothing into her home. At that time, police spokesperson Sergeant John Rajan said the lady was wearing a tight-fitting cloth and had nowhere she could have hidden a gun.

Some of Stephanie’s famous dates include Hollywood icon, Robert De Niro. She had declared herself an openly lesbian Playmate on first appearance in Playboy.

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