South East Leaders Hold Economic and Security Summit in Imo State


… collaborating for a secure and prosperous future is a necessity for the Southeast.

Yesterday in Owerri, I attended the 2023 edition of the South-East Security and Economic Summit. Commenting on the event which was also attended by Governors of Imo, Anambra, Enugu and Abia States as well as the Deputy Governor of Ebonyi State who represented his governor and other political leaders of the geopolitical zone, I stressed the need for collaboration and synergy among the South-East states in order to address the security and economic challenges facing the region. I also highlighted the importance of security in attracting investments and promoting economic growth and emphasized the need for the governors and all elected representatives to work together in sharing intelligence, coordinating security operations, and implementing effective strategies to combat crime and insurgency in the region.

I also reiterated the need for governors in the region to study the system I invented in Nnewi and environs, and embrace native intelligence in tackling insecurity, and called for the establishment of a regional economic development commission that would coordinate and drive economic initiatives in the South-East. This commission would also facilitate collaboration among the states, attract investments, and promote economic integration within the region.

Furthermore, I discussed the potential of the South-East region in terms of economic development and job creation and urged the governors to prioritize infrastructure development, promote entrepreneurship, and create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. I also emphasized the need for the South-East states to leverage their unique cultural heritage and tourism potentials to attract both local and international investors. I encouraged the governors to invest in tourism infrastructure, promote cultural festivals, and market the region as a tourist destination.

Security of lives and property is essential for economic growth and development. When people feel safe and secure in their homes and communities, they are more likely to invest in businesses, buy homes, and engage in economic activities. This creates a positive cycle of economic growth, as increased investment and consumer spending lead to job creation and higher incomes. It also attracts foreign direct investment, as businesses are more likely to invest in places or regions with stable and secure environments. Security is also crucial for the functioning of critical infrastructure and services. Industries such as transportation, energy, and telecommunications rely on secure systems to operate efficiently and disruption or threat to these systems can have severe economic consequences.

As we work towards creating a peaceful and secure geopolitical zone, ndị Igbo should always work closely with constituted authorities to make the vision a dream come true.

Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Ubah, CON
Anambra South Senatorial District
September 29, 2023.

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