Sondland reveals Trump’s secret plot with A$AP Rocky

U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland has been singing enough in front of the House Intelligence Committee to make Tekashi 6ix9ine proud, particularly because Sondland in his opening statement managed to mention A$AP Rocky.

The Harlem rapper has been mentioned in political discussions before before thanks to his detainment in Sweden, where he was under the threat of prison time for an incident he maintained was always self-defense. The Trump administration claimed it stepped in to help with his release (he was found guilty, but didn’t receive jail time. However, many saw through it as a ploy for the POTUS get some Black votes.

But back to Sondland, while proceeding to confirm Trump was seeking dirt on the Biden’s to release money to the Ukraine, Sondland mentioned A$AP Rocky.

In prior testimony, US official David Holmes claimed that while in a restaurant in Kiev, he overheard Sondland and Trump discussing if Ukraine President Zelenksy was going to start the Biden investigations.

While discussing the conversation, Sondland said, “It’s true that the President speaks loudly at times, and it’s also true…I think we primarily discussed ASAP Rocky.”

He went on to say that A$AP Rocky was the primary focus of the phone call, not Trump asking what Zelensky was going to do. Mind you he called Trump from his cell phone, which wasn’t a secure line, in Kiev. So, yeah.

If you were betting A$AP Rocky would get a shout out during an impeachment hearing, you won.

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