Smoking And Riding: A Bus Service In Colorado Lets You Smoke Cannabis On Board.

Joris van den Boom [a US resident and a writer with Popupcity] shares with
us his joy at finding Loopr–a bus service which lets passengers take a ride
while smoking cannabis with no risks of arrest.
As he takes us on a night ride with pictures, we can see a large number of
“happy people” inside a lively cannabis-friendly bus.

What a free country, America is! Unity in diversity seem to be in practice
only in the USA, no other country does it better.

Please don’t let your mind wander off to the recent police shootings.

According to Joris, “the cannabis-friendly bus drives in a continuous loop
around Denver on weekends.The unending drive permits people to relax
with friends, or even strangers while smoking their cannabis legally.”

You’ll also have a chance to peep through the window and enjoy some amazing

sights as you travel round the city, especially for those who haven’t really had a
chance to visit other locations around town.

Loopr presents visitors who are new to Denver, a big chance to get accustomed

to the city.

However, I’m yet to understand how reliable or responsive ones memory can be

after “those kisses”.

Joris wrote: “The concept is BYOC [bring-your-own-cannabis]. The bus is

fiercely customized to create a truly magical experience. It passes

by night life districts, restaurants, hotels, concert venues or other ‘munchie hotpots’.

“In fact it could be considered as another pub crawl party bus, but the space

is so nice people easily stay on board all night long.”



Image shows a Loopr bus on a ride.

Loopr owner Bryan Spatz started the bus ride business after conceiving an

idea that it could solve Colorado’s cannabis consumption problem,

and it worked.

The bus service seem to have successfully crushed one of the biggest

problems facing modern day American society–in Colorado.

Before Loopr gained ground in Colorado, it was an easy thing for tourists to

buy cannabis but the problem remained where one could smoke weed without

getting arrested.

Joris explains: “Tourists can legally purchase cannabis, but they have no

place to legally consume it. Public consumption is illegal, and only a

handful of places label themselves as being cannabis-friendly.”

“But a bus is considered a private space, making it one of the only safe

havens available in which cannabis tourists can legally partake,

as the law doesn’t apply to private vehicles,” he added.


Other U.S. states that recently legalized cannabis, like Oregon

and Washington, don’t have that exemption making Colorado

a unique opportunity for Loopr.


“Loopr celebrates cannabis, helping to place it where it belongs

— fully integrated into the cultural and entertainment heart of a vibrant,

cannabis-friendly city,” says owner Bryan Spatz.

Yoris compares Loopr to Uber, but could rate the first higher considering the

extra but superb services it’s offering.

He said: “The app has a very Uber-esque feel to it, and adds a new unique

chapter to the uberization movement. 

“Loopr is already a big hit around Colorado and anyone who’s interested

can choose between a one day pass, three day pass or seven day pass. 

Once you download the app, you can watch the tiny bus move along a

map of the city, and hop on.”