Sirens sound in central Israel minutes after Biden leaves

Rocket sirens have been heard in central Israel – minutes after Joe Biden departed. 

The US president had a whirlwind visit where he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said he believed Israel’s version of events surrounding the hospital blast in Gaza.

Sirens have been heard in the central towns of Hod Hasharon, Ganei Am, Yarkona, Adanim and Petah Tikva. 

Footage shared by an Israeli journalist also appeared to show Israel’s Iron Dome intercepting missiles. 

Elon Musk’s X makes changes after warning over war disinformation

The Israel-Hamas war has posed a significant test for Elon Musk’s X. 

The platform has come under heavy scrutiny for allowing misinformation about the conflict to spread, with an EU official warning Musk it was falling foul of the bloc’s online content rules.

Content widely shared includes video game footage purporting to depict scenes from the conflict, and the repurposing of clips from unrelated wars.

Now X has strengthened its fact-checking tool, with all community notes added by volunteer contributors requiring a source from today…

Musk himself has been caught out – he recommended a “good” account for “following the war in real-time” that had previously shared a fake AI-generated image of an explosion at the Pentagon.

He later deleted the post.

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