Single + Divorced = Marriage

A better definition of marriage is one plus/minus one (1+-1), no equals, and it can never be one.

Walking down the isle with a loved one is a dream of every young, old and marriageable person but marital union, in essence, has never been a bed of roses from the days of Adam and Eve.

Image: Arguing couple.

Marriage is filled with joy and pain; wealth and poverty; fights and make-ups; arguments and agreements; love and hate; even deceit and openness. Marriage is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you can get.

As intended and ordained by God, marriage is meant to be a complement of two persons who have taken the divine oath to stay together “in love” for better for worse. Sadly, this oath of commitment is easier said than done. 

Take a quick survey among married couples on their perspectives, many would wish to turn the hands of time depending on their experiences while others may have positive stories to tell. There’s no perfect marriage although all marriages “are made in heaven”.

Happy couples are those who can perfectly conceal the agony of love.

Life, love and marriage grows in leaps and bounds over time for married couples who choose to embrace truthfulness, selflessness and show true love right from the start. This is the only magic of successful marriages unknown to many who wish for the best at no cost.

Marriage will come with it’s whirl winds; the roads will surely get murky at times; the roses will grow thorns in some seasons; but that’s when you know what love  and marriage is.

Couples who are godly, supportive, understanding, hard-working and most importantly, have self control, get a better chance of surviving the unfavorable challenges of marriage.

Understanding Why Single + Divorced = Marriage.

  1. Let the affection remain just the same as it was during courtship. Keep the fire burning even through the coldest nights.
  2. Do not leave or ignore your friends who are still single. Serve as an example and teach them what marriage is. You can also learn positive things that can save your marriage from singles.
  3. Don’t stop doing the things that make you happy for the sake of marriage. If it’s fun, take your partner along. If you enjoy partying for fun, it might be wise to take your better half along instead of trying to quit. By doing so, you would have avoided suspicions of unfaithfulness as well as temptations from women of easy virtues.
  4. Maintain privacy with your manners and character but not with “suspicious” attitudes that could break your marriage. For example, flushing the toilet and keeping the seat closed after answering nature’s call. That’s privacy, you know?
  5. The fear of divorce is the beginning of wisdom. Act to save your marriage before it’s too late.
  6. Pray as if you are divorced and love God like you’ll never have a chance to re-marry after divorce.