Singaporean actresses Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh return from China amid coronavirus scare

With things in China getting increasingly hectic and countries shutting their borders, Singaporean actress Jeanette Aw took to Instagram on Monday (Feb 3) to let her fans know that she has returned home.

Aw posted a photo of her at Changi Airport with a simple heartfelt caption reading: “I’m home.” She also posted Instagram Stories of her journey back, including images of an empty plane – “Almost the entire plane to myself,” she wrote – and how cabin crew had offered her gloves after they saw her cleaning her seat.


Over the Chinese New Year holidays, Aw had been filming for a drama in Beijing; her schedule has since been put on hold.

During that time, Aw had told Lianhe Zaobao: “It’s a critical period now and everyone is uniting to fight the virus. I’m currently safe here, please don’t worry. She also added that friends and fans had helped her out during her stay in China by mailing her masks, anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitisers, according to Asiaone.

“There’s a severe shortage of supplies here. I’ve received a lot of concern and supplies from friends and fans all over and it has made this year’s winter much ‘warmer’,” she said.

Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh

Meanwhile, it seems fellow actress Joanne Peh is also back home in Singapore, after she posted a picture of herself at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport two days ago. She had previously revealed that she was staying in China with her children to finish up some “personal matters”.

In the photo, posted on Instagram on Sunday (Feb 2), Peh is seen wearing a grey mask.

She thanked her fans for the well-wishes and concern, and wrote: “Some locals have returned to work even as the Chinese government extended the CNY holiday and we were able to complete the matter that was left unfinished. Now we can return to Singapore.”

She told Asiaone that the situation in China had gotten so bad that she was not able to get face masks for herself or her children.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted fan in Shanghai sent some over. Although the masks were all adult-sized, Peh altered them herself to fit her children. She added that her family will be following the two-week-long monitoring period. Last week, Peh’s husband Qi Yuwu, said he had volunteered to quarantine himself after flying back to Singapore earlier.