Singapore Fashion Week 2017: Fashion at its best

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For the first time in history, Singapore Fashion Week presented its first ever International modest wear designs during Asia’s most-renowned fashion festival held earlier this month.

It was a busy and definitely more memorable fashion week.

As scheduled in the new format, about 50 designers from 11 Asian countries showcased their styles for more than three days, a remarkable difference compared to 40 designers from 5 Asian countries who were present during a five-day event in 2016.

New Gen

Image via HarpersBazaar/Annabelle Fernandez

“We are excited to bring the biggest names in modest style from all around the region to SGFW, uniting varied modest cultures, traditions and fashion, and helping designers leverage the potential of the modest style market in this part of Asia,” Timothy Chen, group CEO of MODESTyle, said ahead of the fashion event.

Singaporean designer Laichan, who is also known as “the grandmaster of cheongsam,” was present at this year’s SGFW.