Simeone Admits He’s Scared Of Real Madrid’s Casemiro.

Atletico Madrid‘s coach, Diego Simeone says he can’t wait to make history with his team against rivals Real Madrid in today’s earthshaking Champions League final in Milan, Italy.

The Argentine also talked about his excitement on having the pressure of a history dating back to 113 years, on his shoulders.

For a second time in three years, Real Madrid is meeting Atletico in the finals and this is a good time, he believes, for Atletico Madrid to grab their first European cup. Diego Simeone’s team lost 4-1 to Los Blancos after extra time in 2014.

The famous coach had a press conference and had this to say on ‘superstitions’; “people who view things this way are underestimating our work. We always look forward, seeking the best solutions.”

“I expect a very tense and balanced match at first. The presence of Casemiro allows our opponents to regroup better when they don’t have the ball, while maintaining their attacking strength.

“We’ll see who wins the midfield battle at the start of the match, although Madrid may play more football due to having more technical quality.

“We’ll play with the same passion, enthusiasm and competence we’ve had since the first day after Lisbon, “ he added.

Talking about his hardest task at the club, Simeone said: “The players and the base that have accompanied us, we’ve continually reinvented them and succeeded in doing so.

“There are 10 different players from the 2014 final. Our ability to rebuild is the most valuable thing for this club. We’ve worked accordingly to continue improving.

Playing a final is something fantastic, and winning it is paramount. The best thing about this team is how they prepare, get back up and reinvent themselves without changing their identity of commitment.

“When you repeat your methods and are persistent in doing so, you can win trophies.”

Asked about what style of play the team will implement, the coach said: “We’ll play with 11 in their area! It’s funny, what’s been said referring to Atleti being defensive.

“We won’t be that different to four years ago. Madrid will play a similar team to four years ago. We’ve changed players, but our methods haven’t that much.

“The presence of Casemiro makes Real Madrid more dangerous on the counterattack. He proved that to be the case against Manchester City in both legs, although it’s clear anyhow that Madrid are very dangerous in space.

“There are only a few teams better than us, perhaps Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, but we have stability, balance and team work.

“We must protect our privileged position, and the only way to do that is by winning on Saturday.

Image: Diego Simeone.

“We suffered in Barcelona and Munich but played with intelligence in our home games against Barca and Bayern.

“Diego Costa congratulated us after Bayern and Barca. There will be many lads wearing our jersey in front of the television.”

Talking about Real Madrid’s coach who had earlier referred to Diego Simeone as one of the world’s best coaches, the Argentine said: “Zinedine Zidane has carried out some important work, but Casemiro has changed the face of the team. Still, he’s an important Coach.

He made a comment in reference to Ronaldo’s dislike of Atletico Madrid, he said: “I respect great players like Ronaldo. Opinions are to be respected. In football, as in politics or religion, everybody has a say.”

Lastly, Diego Simeone confessed that “just a win” and only that, will make him happy.

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