Fellow-Passenger’s earpiece calms a restless toddler

We all appreciate technology and smart phones are a part of it. These days, kids are not left alone in the world of technology. They enjoy smartphones just like any adult and one can’t help but wonder at the excitement young people derive from these electronic gadgets.


A young man boarded a bus together with a father who carried his baby girl from Guangzhou to Shenzhen on June 22, 2015. Shortly after the journey started, the toddler resting in the arms of her father, became restless and would not stop crying.

Her screams got most passengers trying to help but there was nothing her helpless father or anyone could do to make her smile. 

The young man with a smartphone was listening to some tunes. He must have known that “Music is more than a medicine to the soul. It makes some cry and others laugh”.


Thoughtful as he was, the fellow-passenger only needed to fix his earpiece to the girl’s ears, and Eureka! The kid stopped crying and bounced into smiles.

No one knew what tune was playing at that moment and why it was so good to make her smile, just like that.

Photos of the boy went viral with his number of fans increasing to 160,000 on his Sina Weibo account.


Some web users say the earphone boy resembles a Chinese supermodel Jin Dachuan and South Korean actor Song Jae Lim, while others have praised his consideration and thoughtfulness.