Beauty and Elegance above educational qualifications


Beauty and elegance may be required as a necessity above educational qualifications in some jobs.

“In South Korea, it is almost a rule that every graduate must undergo surgery for an enhanced beauty in other to get jobs of their choice after graduation”. Parents give ‘surgery’ as a graduation gift to young girls. Although this is not common in China and other parts of the world, some jobs are still strictly for tall, thin and pretty girls.

Securing a job as a high-speed train attendant is another kind of modeling competition. 

In Jinan, eastern China’s Shandong Province, candidates recently took part in an exam to qualify as train attendants.

More than 1,300 people took the exam but less than 10 percent of them will be selected.

The participants, most around 18 years old, are required to compete by showing their skills with Mandarin and English, and participate in a talent show that includes dancing, singing, and playing a musical instrument.

They must also undergo physical testing, doing movements such as squats.





Beauty enhancement is fast gaining popularity in China as employers of labor are beginning to use facial beauty for marketing and branding. 

Would you go for a surgery to land that dream job?