Sharon Osbourne Confessed She’s Bisexual.

The 63-year-old Sharon Osbourne who was married to Ozzy Osbourne for 33 years has shockingly revealed she is bisexual and regrets not experimenting with women while she was younger.

The star made the revelation during her U.S. daytime show The Talk. She confessed that she is sexually attracted to both men and women and “extremely” curious about what a relationship with a member of the same sex would be like.

She admitted that she regrets no having the chance to sleep with other females when she was much younger.

Sharon revealed to her co-host how she have had the feelings to touch other women. In her words: “There is nothing wrong with that.

“I always think everybody is gay – so am I. I am not a little bit gay, I am extremely interested in the fact of what I missed out on.”

Sadly, she admitted it’s too late to cry. She wouldn’t need to try because she has three grown daughters Aimee (32), Kelly (31) and a son Jack who is 30 years old.

The fact that her husband is still alive, healthy and hearty means she’ll never explore the other side of her she didn’t know. Ozzy should be thankful she kept it at bay all these years.

After the shocking revelation, Sharon Osbourne added: “It is too late now.

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  1. Oh my gosh. She’s forgiven. These days being bisexual isn’t a problem anymore. It’s a free world. Live the way you want and do whatever you like.