Shameless mom caught having sex with his son at a mall

A mom and son have pleaded guilty before a court of law for shamelessly engaging in sex at a shopping mall. For their incestuous act, both of them have been sentenced to 18 months, reports confirm.

The offending mother and son are from Zimbabwe.

A court heard last week that the Chinhoyi woman who has been identified as Joyce Nhevera, is a widow from Madzudzo Village under Chief Magonde. Her son Eddington Tutuma is said to be 26 years old.

Following their arrest, Joyce and Eddington were araigned before the Chinhoyi magistrate Brenda Dhliwayo, who passed the judgement.

Eddington and his mom have their jail term reduced by six months on conditions.

However, both sex offenders will engage in community services for the remaining 12 months.

According to reports, the court heard that Joyce and her son started their risky sex adventure on 2 November and it lasted until 17 November when their uncontrolled passion at a local shopping mall exposed the dirty secret.

Eddington has lived in Mhangura for many years. He moved in with his mother in Kenzamba last month before they started an unholy affair.

They were arrested after losing control of themselves at Kenzamba Shopping Center.

The authorities revealed that both mom and son confessed thay had sexual encounters on several occasions – in her kitchen and in his room. It continued until they were exposed after witnesses caught them in a “compromising position” at the mall.

According to media reports, the court considered a custodial sentence would be extremely harsh for the sex offenders, so they were asked to perform community service at schools around their location.

They had pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse within a prohibited degree of relationship in contravention of Section 75 (2) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

“Relationship between mother and son is a taboo in our culture, and a strong message has to be sent out there,” the magistrate Dhliwayo said while reading out her judgement.