Shame on P. Diddy, says B.I.G.’s daughter.

The late Notorious B.I.G.’s daughter T’yanna Wallace, for some reasons, isn’t happy with his father’s best friend from the 90’s P. Diddy.

The Brooklyn rapper, born Christopher Wallace was shot in 1997 following gang-related problems between the West and East Coast rappers.

Biggie Smalls baby girl has slammed Puff Daddy on Twitter because he disrespected her by not inviting her to a concert to be held in honor of her dad.

Reports say the incident was rather painful because P. Diddy had handed out free tickets to an upcoming concert honoring a hip-hop legend. The late Notorious B.I.G. or his family was not notified of any such arrangement and no tickets was received.

Angry T’yanna therefore had to publicly thrash Sean (Puff Daddy) Combs in a series of tweets which she later deleted.

“She claimed that the Bad Boy Records founder failed to offer her a free ticket to a concert celebrating what would have been her late father’s 44th birthday.”

She said, “The bad boy concert is for my dad’s bday but I got NOT ONE TICKET. Just wanna point that out,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

The provocation led to more revelations when she added: “Puff does nothing for my family. Tired of lying for his lame ass!”


After a short time, T. Wallace posted that the issue with Sean Combs had been settled.

“Me & puff talked, a lot of things were cleared up & everything is LOVE!! So everybody can calm down,” she wrote.

Then the Bad Boy Puff Daddy tweeted to clear the situation which had already brought envy to his image:

“LOVE you babygrl!! See you at the concert!! We’re gonna have great night!!”

These are the few online responses to the beef before it was settled:

“He still making money off your father name half that concert money should go to you and your brother,” one said.

“Shame on him,” tweeted another.

The one who wasn’t quick at jumping to conclusions said:

“What he is required to do is the real question doesn’t Biggie have an estate,” one user wrote.

It is expected that the upcoming May 20 event will feature Puff Daddy, Jay Z, Lil’ Kim, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Mase and more.

Venue is Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

7 thoughts on “Shame on P. Diddy, says B.I.G.’s daughter.

  1. May BIG’s sould rest in peace. P Diddy hasn’t been known as a responsible man. He’s a pest that sucks life from stars. What else can one expect from him?

  2. Real shame of Puff Daddy. Many people have always said he’s a badd boy as his recording studio is called. He is a pest. Ask questions on how he made his money and you’ll see he lives on ripping off stars.

  3. Good day I am so happy I found your web
    site, I really found most of your articles very interesting. Diddy is quite selfish right from the 90s when he first shot to limelight.