Scorned Woman commits suicide after Husband’s mistress sent her nude pictures

Heartbroken wife died of an overdose after husband's mistress sent her naked pictures

A beautifully-made young woman died after taking an overdose following a heartbreak she suffered, not from her cheating husband but from his mistress who dared to send her some taunting pictures.

The scorned woman committed suicide after receiving some X-rated pictures of her man and his concubine.

According to a report from UK’s Metro, the court heard that Sarah-Jane Cunningham suffered great shock on seeing the nude pictures and quickly informed her friend, Teresa Church, through a phone call.

Cunningham, 38, died at home shortly after exposing her ‘charming’ husband.

Ms. Teresa’s statement which was read at the court hearing on 19 May, 2017, shows the deceased knew her husband was cheating before deciding to end her life on 23 July, 2016.

She knew he was having an affair,’ the court document reveals.

Mrs. Cunningham reportedly suffered mental torture. She was also hospitalized on overdose cases sometime between October 2015 and 2016, the report adds.

Although her death was recorded after an autopsy as “caused by drug and alcohol abuse,” Yvonne Blake [Norfolk area coroner] said there was no evidence that the deceased intended to kill herself.

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Testimonies from people who knew Mrs. Cunningham show she lived a torturous life with her randy husband although no mention was made of any physical attack.

According to the news outlet, a mental health worker who attended to Mrs Cunningham while she lived, said her alleged suicide was a “cry for help,’ adding that the patient lost three close family members, including her beloved father in 2008.

Nonetheless, a 37-year-old sister to the late woman, blamed her death and alcohol on a ‘destructive relationship’ with husband Stuart.

‘She was addicted to her husband,’ said the sister named Kim Dodd. ‘They brought out the worst in each other but she would not leave him because she could not cope without him.’

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Mrs Dodd clarified that Stuart suffered a motorbike accident in 2014, and has been going through post traumatic stress disorder.

‘He had anger management issues after he had his accident,’ she added. ‘Her problems made his problems worse and they rubbed each other up the wrong way a lot.’

Miriam Isaac, clinical team leader at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, met Mrs Cunningham after her overdose in October 2015.

She said: ‘It became quite apparent alcohol was a big feature of both her and her husband’s life at the time.

‘The overdose was an attempt to communicate to her husband her frustrations rather than an attempt to die.’

Mrs Cunningham, until her death, lived at Old Catton near Norwich.