Sample Letter of Recommendation for Admissions


Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Chimezie Irobiko

To Whomever It May Concern,

I am pleased to recommend Chimezie Irobiko for admission to the master’s program in Computer Science at Marist College, California State University, Los Angeles.

In my position as his project guide and mentor during the last semester of his 4-year academic studies at Mumbai University, I humbly confirm that he completed his bachelor’s degree with excellent grades in 2014. He has been an exemplary student and an asset to our institution. I am confident that he will certainly excel in this study as an energetic, highly-motivated, intelligent, and law-abiding young man with good prospects.

My most memorable time with Chimezie was as his Graduate Student Instructor for Global Leader in Email Intelligence, a research project which aimed at developing an all-in-one module for synchronizing email addresses. I was exceptionally impressed with his early submission of a well-researched blueprint. For his research skills, creativity, ingenuity, enthusiasm and adherence to role, I will rank him among the top 5% students I have taught in my career as an academician.

Chimezie is best described as a complex and complete human being: delightfully reserved but unpretentiously ambitious; gracious, even with the most unpopular students in school. He was simply adorable. His brainpower is not only marked by his high scores, but a characteristic inquisitiveness which was evident in his choice of electives and love for scientific concepts. He enjoyed the most technical courses just to dare his acquired skills and intellectual reasoning. In furtherance, while working on his project under my supervision, I found he has the ability to engage in difficult tasks and produce agreeable results.

Your institution will surely benefit by offering Chimezie an admission, for he is guaranteed to add more value to it, mainly in research fields, where I have had the opportunity to see him persuasively supporting arguments with precision. He also proved himself a reliable team-player during group assignments.

I consider it an understatement to add that I would be honored to teach a class full of “Chimezie Irobikos”. I highly recommend him to you, if his performance at Mumbai University serves a clue to how he would perform as a graduate student.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Professor XYZ

*  The recipient’s identity was changed for security reasons.