Running with a three-legged chicken

3 legged CHICKEN.jpg

Several years ago we headed to a nearby town to visit some relatives. I had a new car and was having fun driving fast on the twisty country roads.

As we zoomed along, I noticed a three-legged chicken keeping pace with me. I slowed to get a better look at the speedster when it turned and went down a dirt road. I stopped, turned around and followed it.

After a short ride, we came upon a house with an older couple sitting on the porch and dozens of three-legged chickens in the yard.

I asked them, Are these your chickens? They’re the fastest I’ve ever seen.”

The old man said, “Yep.” So I asked him where they came from, and he replied, “When the kids were younger, they always fought over the chicken legs, so we decided to breed a three-legged chicken.”

I nodded and said, “Well, they are fast, but what do they taste like?”

He admitted, “Not rightly sure; we never could catch one.”