Rihanna Mocks Close Friend, Jennifer Lopez.

Rihanna’s Denim Desserts collection launched on May 5 and Jennifer Lopez is one of the first celebrities to rock a pair of boots from the stock.


Image: Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna showing the pair of boots.

Riri sent J-Lo a present containing those boots worth $4,350.

It is a “9 to 5″kind of shoes which the ‘I’m Real’ singer didn’t waste time putting to good use.

She quoted Rihanna as telling her in a handwritten note attached to the parcel: “because I know you’re gonna wear them better than me!!!” Lopez posted a snapshot of the letter on Instagram, April 20.

Image: Close pals Riri and J-Lo.

28-year-old Rihanna got humor and lots of it. The ‘Anti’ singer expressed how flattered she felt on J-Lo’s choice of clothes on May 6. In her words: “I’m having such a f—in moment knowing that forever I have proof of a bad one like you in my designs.” That was the caption Riri added on J-Lo’s new video clip before posting it on Instagram.

Of course, that’s a joke between buddies. Riri gave her lemons and she made sweet lemonade with them.

Image: Clip from the music video

Jennifer Lopez admitted that the boots she received from her friend weren’t necessarily made for dancing. However, the TV personality flawlessly executed a spirited dance steps in her new video, “Ain’t Your Mama,” wearing those heels.

After the music video shoot, J-Lo confessed that wearing a pair of thigh-high and belted Manolo Blahnik denim wasn’t a good choice. But she did it, any ways.

Image shows a clip from the music video.

“Rihanna had sent me these amazing boots and I was like, ‘These have to be in the video,’” the 46-year-old superstar explained in a Facebook Live Q&A on Tuesday, May 10.

She continued, “They were hard to dance in. Everyone else was dancing … in combat boots and sneakers. I walked out to the set and I was like, ‘Nobody wearing heels but me? OK!’”

“But we pulled it off,” the mother of twins added.

J-Lo seem to have lots of talent and Rihanna just added one to the list.