REVEALED: Paul Walker’s final moments with daughter and mom, Cheryl

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Paul Walker’s mom, Cheryl, says her son’s death in 2013 left a vacuum filled with tragic memories in her heart.

In a haunting tribute for the fallen Fast and Furious hero, Cheryl painted a painful picture of her last communication with him shortly before the fatal car crash.

‘Paul and I were having this good conversation when he received a text message about an event he was supposed to attend,’ the sad mom explained in an interview with PEOPLE.

‘He had forgotten about the scheduled outing…He just muttered, “Oh my gosh, I’m supposed to be somewhere!”’

Cheryl will feature in an upcoming documentary titled I am Paul Walker, which she is expected to talk about life without Paul and present details of their last moments.

The Fast and Furious actor had visited Cheryl with his daughter Meadow, and the trio were talking about buying a Christmas tree that evening when his phone rang. He was due to attend a fundraiser for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The event was holding at a race shop, reports confirmed.

Eventually, the programme had ended when Paul joined his close friend Roger Rodas, who drove a Porsche Carrera GT. The driver was his financial adviser. There was no premonition that their reunion would end in a tragedy.

Rodas lost control of the fast car and smashed into a lamppost before an explosion which resulted in two deaths. The car was travelling at 94mph, investigators confirmed. “Mechanical failure” was overruled.

Paul and the former race-car driver died before Furious 7 was completed. However, the beloved actor made a posthumous appearance, leaving behind a legacy in the hearts of millions around the world.

Results from inquiries into Paul’s death showed he had no drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of death. He was burned beyond recognition, with shattered bones, jaw, ribs, arm and pelvis. His ashes were buried in the Hollywood Hills.

‘But there was a lot more to Paul’s personality away from the movies,’ Cheryl noted. ‘Most people remember him as “just a movie star who died in a ghastly motor accident.”

‘My son Paul was an amazing man…I’ve received numerous letters from fans around the globe who acknowledged he made a difference in their lives.

‘He was such a blessing. One that will never be forgotten.’

Born in Glendale, California (1973), Paul Walker started acting at the age of 2 when he appeared in a Pampers TV commercial. He later featured in Touched by an Angel, among many other films.

His first movie was Meet the Deedles.