Revealed: How Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun-point in Paris

Kim Kardashian survived a high profile robbery attack in Paris without any physical harm done to her, and fans of the reality TV star are thankful for the yet-unfolding incident.

Among her expensive jewelry set, the mother-of-two lost her £3.5 million diamond ring, which is said to be the raiders’ main target.

graphic kardashian abduction large

This picture shows how Kim Kardashian was attacked at the Parisian hotel.

A report from PEOPLE quotes Kimmy as saying she thought her attackers were at the hotel for sexual assault. They pointed guns to her head, grabbed her by the ankles and applied handcuffs, but carried out no physical harm.

“Please don’t kill me, I have children,” she pled while they bundled her the tub.

Kim, 35, said her composure and decision to remain quiet – as commanded – probably stopped the robbers from inflicting wounds on her.

“Ring, ring,” the Paris criminals forcefully demanded, grabbing almost everything they found useful. They could hardly speak English.

Kim told the news outlet how she pointed at her valuables on instructions. The stolen items include two expensive telephones, her jewelry and others.

A close friend and former stylist named Simone Harouche was in a nearby room during the attack. She heard the noise from Kim’s apartment and called her bodyguard Pascal Duvier, who was with Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner at a nearby nightclub, media reports confirm.

“[Kim] was tied up, and gagged with duct tape wrapped around her head. They put plastic ties around her wrists but she managed to squeeze her hands out of the wrist ties by wriggling her hands,” a source close to Kanye West’s wife told PEOPLE.

“She was hysterical but not screaming as she knew she had to keep quiet to survive.

“The reports of her fear of being raped are real. She really did think she was going to be raped. She had a gun to her head the whole time,” the insider added.

Image: Kim Kardashian, Pascal and Kourtney