Revealed: Dallas Cop Killer Micah Johnson, Stole Women Undies In Afghanistan And Was Accused Of Rape.

A confidential report on the Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson which tells of his disgusting past behaviors, has been exposed by the military. The revelation comes as a shock, following previous statements that described this psychotic murderer as ‘an introvert’.

Now the numbers are beginning to add up, as the latest information says he was not only troubled, but had some horrible life experiences while serving in Afghanistan–stealing used pants, taking pills and even hiding a grenade in his room.

It is believed that his haunting past may have affected his decisions to exterminate as many cops as possible–since he could hardly revolt against soldiers.

He somehow managed to get his ‘worthless and unnecessary’ revenge on police officers who knew nothing about what happened to him in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Ana Christine Ma was in the military with Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson and reported sexual harassment after he stole her underwear.

Image: Micah Xavier Johnson

According to NY Daily, a military report filed in May 2014 alleged that “Micah Johnson stole the panties from a fellow soldier’s dirty laundry bag, hid at least one of them under his mattress and then ran and tried to cover his tracks when caught”.

Following accusations of theft, an investigation into the matter was launched.

A search in his room by fellow soldiers uncovered Micah had a grenade. Some stolen prescription pills was also found in his sleeping bag at the barracks, the report confirms.

Micah’s confidential military file has an extended record on the events that occurred the night he was accused of stealing panties. It says, “Johnson’s team leaders searched his room on their base in Afghanistan and found a pair of black women’s underwear with red trim rolled in a ball and tucked under his bedding”.

Why would a soldier steal female panties? Sex starved? Or just another kind of obsession? It’ll be good if someone who understands better gives us an explanation after reading.

The military report quotes an unidentified soldier who took part in the search, as saying: Johnson grabbed the underwear as soon as I asked what it was”.

“Don’t worry about that,” Johnson said.

The cop killer then allegedly shot back as he shoved the panties in a pocket of his hoodie, made an excuse about needing to throw away some food and took off running into the darkness, the report said.

His decision to run from fellow soldiers shows how derailed he was–guilty or innocent. Eventually, the team leaders followed up with a search using their flashlights until they caught up with him.

“I asked him if he had the panties and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about,” one solider said, according to the report.

Micah’s colleagues in the army went ahead to search a nearby thrash bin to satisfy their curiosity and, lo and behold, they found three pairs of underwear later identified by the victim as her missing items.

Micah Johnson was reportedly discharged after sexually harassing Sgt. Ana Christine Ma.

Image:  Sgt. Ana Ma

The confidential military report failed to expose the female soldier’s name so it remained unknown for almost two years since the incident in Afghanistan. But after the Dallas shootings where Micah killed 5 police officers and injured more, Sgt. Ana Ma stepped forward to identify herself.

The deceased cop killer reportedly denied knowing anything about the three pairs of panties recovered from the thrash bin but admitted he had just two.

In his confession, Micah said he had “flushed” the only black and red pair down a latrine to protect the woman who gave them to him, the report said.

Sgt. Ma [not yet an officer then] arrived at the dumpster to identify the panties and “immediately began crying and stated they were in fact hers,” according to the the report.

Delphine Johnson, the mother of Dallas police killer Micah Johnson, talks about her son and his disappointment with the military and the government.

Image shows Delphine Johnson, the mother of Dallas police killer Micah Xavier Johnson.

Mrs Delphine is said to be distraught over whatever happened to her son in Afghanistan. One thing she knows is, “her son felt disappointed with the military and US government” for the way he was treated.

She blames the military for destroying Micah’s good nature, adding that her son was never the same after he returned home from service.

According the the report, Micah later admitted that the missing red and black underwear he had, belonged to a female barber.

An unidentified individual quoted in the report said Johnson had bragged about sleeping with a woman at the barber shop and also claimed “he had sexual relations with masseuses that worked in the bazaars.”

Ma and  Johnson had been close friends, before the underwear theft. Both agreed the relationship was platonic but Ma said she reconsidered the way Johnson generally spoke to her and determined his treatment was not acceptable, so she filed for sexual harassment, the report said.

Johnson was given two days to pack and left some items behind when he shipped out, the report said.

Officers checking his room afterward found the grenade as well as the prescription medication belonging to another soldier in Johnson’s sleeping bag, the report stated.

Johnson later stated: “I’m not aware of any prescription medication or explosive devices inside of my belongings,” the report said.

“Johnson’s claim that the red and black underwear belonged to a female other than (Ma) is not credible,” the report continued.

“Johnson does not have a credible explanation regarding why he ran out of the building after the underwear was discovered in his room and attempted to dispose of it.”

Johnson was sent home with a recommendation that he be dismissed, his military lawyer previously told The News.

The original recommendation was that he received an “other than honorable” discharge, but after months of the case appearing to languish, the Army granted Johnson an honorable discharge in 2015.

As if the events in Afghanistan ruined his entire life, the “honorable discharge” came a bit too late for this man who would later take up arms against the state.

Bradford Glendenning [a lawyer], said Johnson was likely screened for mental illness before he was disgracefully asked to leave the military.

These humiliating events ushered in the making of a true mad man.