OMG! Why Brazil Police killed football fan at the 2014 World Cup

Police in Brazil have been accused of going too far with business and politics while ignoring their main purpose of existence which is the protection of live and property. Officers of the country’s Polícia Federal allegedly killed a football fan who smuggled in his Pepsi drink during the last World Cup.


In the 2014 incident which has been revisited by a court of law, Coca-Cola was an official sponsor of the global football event, and laws prohibited football fans from taking into the stadium any other brand of soft drink.

Emiliano Sanchez Vittorio, a 23-year old university student from Chile, had allegedly smuggled a Pepsi bottle inside the stadium in violation of the official policy of the 2014 World Cup, according to local media reports.

A special federal injunction prohibits the sale of any other brand of liquid refreshments for the duration of the World Cup within all twelve cities where games are taking place, as well as prohibiting their possession on all sites.

Vittorio was confronted while enjoying his special brand in the stands before an argument ensued at the Arena Pantanal.

Fans from Chile will never forget how sad the day (13 Jun 2014) ended. It was the World Cup match between Chile and Australia.

Although the game ended 3-1 in favour of Chile, the death of their countryman in the hands of Brazil police will never be forgotten.

Brazil police claimed the offender resisted arrest after he was confronted, and went further by pushing one of the officers very hard.

A fist fight followed his violent behavior before police reportedly fired a few gunshots, they claimed. In the end which came so fast, Vittorio was hit five time, including three times in the head.

The police fired a total of seven gunshots, eyewitnesses testified.

According to a media report, the Chile national died within few seconds of the first shot but the enraged police continued wasting bullets on him – all for the sake of an unending rivalry between Pesi and Coca Cola.

Many people who witnessed the incident have however contradicted the official version presented by the police, claiming the Chilean man never had any kind of violent behavior and only pushed back an officer after this particular individual smashed his face with the butt of his rifle multiple times.

This counter claim from witnesses who have stepped forward against the police, shows a large number of citizens are growing impatient with an alleged high-handedness from their government.

Joe Biden, the American vice president referred to the incident as something that’s only “worthy of a dictatorship”.

Meanwhile, French president François Hollande described it as “unworthy of a civilised state”.

Even the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un described the shooting as “a perfect example of the fundamental defects of the Capitalist system”.