Chinese woman arrested in Ghana for illegal possession of firearms

A Chinese woman who has been identified as Lucy Tang, was arrested on 4 November for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. The accused foriegner was allegedly arrested by police in Kumasi.

Chinese Woman 1

Lucy, who has been held in custody since her apprehension, will be arraigned before the court for trials on 10 November.

For possessing four pump action guns, the Chinese woman will plead guilty or innocent at the Kumasi Circuit Court,  Adom Online reported.

Justice Mary Senkyere, who will precide over the court proceedings, has also issued a bench warrant for the arrest of one Felix Yeboah, an accused person in the case, who was absent in court during the first hearing.

Lucy is facing charges on possession of firearms and ammunition without lawful excuse, contrary to Section 192 of the criminal and other offences act 29/60.

ACP Okyere Darko [the prosecutor] told the media that police in Ghana got a tip-off which they carefully followed as the accused was trailed to Ingot Hotel where she was arrested with the firearms and ammunition.

Attorney for the Chinese woman says he requested bail for his client, but the court disapproved of his plea.