Real Madrid Doctor Jesus Olmo replaced by a Croatian, Niko Mihic

With Jesus Olmo’s removal from Real Madrid’s payroll as its first-team medical director, the club have made a remarkable change in their medical staff this summer by promoting a Croatian, Niko Mihic.

The newly appointed Chief of Medical Staff has now assumed duties as Madrid’s head of the department.

Image shows doctor Jesus Olmo (Left), Sergio Ramos and a medical assistant.

Olmo and his second in command, a surgeon named Mikel Aramberri, left the Spanish giants on 3 July. The club said he’d be handling some external projects.

Madrid fans couldn’t be more excited following the doctor’s removal. Olmo was considered by many as a controversial doctor, and most Madristas have protested against him for not being a perfect fit for the job.

The sacked doctor opted to leave Los Blancos first team after 4 years following a mutual agreement between him and the club management.

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Olmo’s qualifications and attitude towards injured players was called to question during the club’s 2015/16 campaign when star player Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Sergio Ramos were kept on the sidelines for too long.

Many Madrid players voted for the doctor’s removal but his connections with the club management, especially President Florentino Perez, guaranteed a longer stay at Santiago Bernabeu.

Ronaldo had to seek medical advice from Barcelona doctors out of anger, dissatisfaction and lack of trust.

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Image: Dr. Niko Mihic

The Croatian doctor Niko is said to be a good friend of Luka Modric and Mateo Kovacic. His cordial relationship with fellow Croatians isn’t the only good news for Madrid fans, Olmo is also very close to Perez.

Besides directing the Early Prevention Unit of Madrid’s HM Hospitals group and practicing in Montreal, Canada, the doctor also taught medicine at CEU and served as a medical consultant for Air France and KLM.

Image: Dr. Niko Mihic

Quite an impressive CV! The doctor is now answerable to Los Blancos management, and will now reside at Valdebebas.

Olmos will be part of the team as they leave for their upcoming tour which kicks off with a visit to the United States of America.

Prior to his appointment, the Croatian doctor was third in command.