Racist thrown off plane for using the K-word

A woman was sent off a Kulula flight for using the K-word against a pilot on Friday.

An unnamed person overheard her use of racial slurs few minutes before take-off, and the airliner took decisive actions in an effort to free South Africa from racism, sexism, and intolerance. The incident occurred at O. R. Tambo.

According to News 24, Nadine Watkins, who witnessed events aboard Kulula said the unruly woman’s behavior delayed take-off time.

“Our flight might be 10 minutes late,” Nadine shared on Twitter, “but as South Africans we can’t allow this type of behavior to continue.”

In her explanation, Nadine said the “unsavoury woman” was having a phone conversation with a friend when another passenger overheard her use of the K-word and called the attention of flight attendants.

A spokesperson for Kulula Airlines, confirmed there was an incident with a foul-mouthed woman.

‘We had an encounter with a passenger aboard one of our flights,’ the news outlet quoted William Smook.

‘The incident is under investigations…We do not encourage any form of discrimination in any form. Our crew have the right to do their jobs without verbal abuse.’

The K-word one of the derogatory terms used in South Africa, particularly for blacks. It is a derivative of the Arabic word “kaffir” (infidel), an offensive slang that described black people just like “baboons” since apartheid.

Racism has been a long-lasting problem in South Africa despite efforts to eradicate such behaviors. In 2016, CFR reported a step by Zuma’s administration to eradicate racism by sending first-time defaulters to 3 years in prison and handing repeat offenders as much as 10 years behind bars. Critics of former president Robert Mugabe have often referred to him as one “ugly kaffir”.