R. Kelly sued for “deliberately” infecting woman with STD

R. Kelly has been accused of false imprisonment, sexual battery and “deliberate” transmission of sexual disease.

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Image: R. Kelly

The R&B icon whose full names are Robert Sylvester Kelly was the subject of a new lawsuit in a Manhattan court on Monday (21 May) following his alleged failure to disclose a sexually transmitted disease before engaging in unprotected sex with his accuser.

A Dallas-based lawyer filed the lawsuit on behalf of his client, Faith Rogers, who claims she was 19 at the time Kelly “willfully, maliciously ad deliberately” infected her with herpes.

Rogers alleged she suffered sexual battery and was “physically, mentally and verbally” abused by the Grammy Award-winning artist. Kelly would often record Rodgers their sex sessions without her consent.

The accused person also kept Rogers locked in secluded areas to punish and exert control over her, according to Billboard.

Speaking on CBS This Morning with correspondent Jericka Duncan, the claimant said she was in a year-long relationship with R. Kelly before they “peacefully” called it quits. While the abusive relationship lasted, the “Hotel” singer ordered her to call him “daddy”.

‘He told me his goal was to teach me how to f*** like “a mature woman,”’ she explained. ‘He also introduced me to other five women he described as “women he was raising.”’

Although Rogers had earlier accused Kelly of a sexual assault incident that caused her serious bodily harm, her statement that the Chicago-born songwriter and singer had plans of grooming her for his “sex cult,” was repeated.

The first lawsuit was registered in a Texas court in April, citing Kelly’s instances of “non-consensual oral and vaginal intercourse,” which are counted as a criminal act.

Rogers said she visited Kelly in his hotel room one “fateful day” and he decided to fly her to New York, where he was scheduled for a show. Both had sex, but the young woman said it was like a dream.

Her words, ‘I couldn’t talk. I just froze up…It was totally uncomfortable. He had an intimidating aura around him. You know? I just waited and prayed it’d be over soon.’

When Duncan asked if such incidents occurred more than once, Rogers affirmed it was a recurring experience.

According to Rolling Stone, Rogers filed the case in Dallas and New York because the sexual abuse incidents happened in both locations.

‘Unfortunately, the facts and background of this case are not unique,’ the lawsuit adds. ‘This is a run-of-the-mill R. Kelly sexual abuse case.’

While Rodgers is reportedly seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit, Apple and Spotify have removed R. Kelly’s songs from their online music streaming services as their response against the singer’s repeated cases of sexual molestation. His publicist, DJ and lawyer have all withdrawn their services from the 51-year-old music icon.

A BBC documentary “R Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes,” released in March extensively uncovered the singer’s predatory sexual behaviors. His ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones attested that he forced her and other women to have sex with him in a “sex dungeon,” adding that the Sex Me singer also had a 14-year-old girl he was grooming for sex.