Queen’s Guards At War Over A Woman.

An aggrieved soldier John Watson decided to take the laws into his hands and has been arrested for reportedly kidnapping an old pal who is one of the Queens guards.

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John held James Dicks hostage at knife point in a revenge attack for betrayal.

Both ex-soldiers had their relationship smeared when John thought James had a fling with his wife. The painful love triangle or the thought of it led John Watson (now a private guard) to the Army barracks near Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

The attacker grabbed old pal Trooper James Dicks, 28, who he thought was with his ex-wife at the location, tied him up with ropes and bundled him into a car boot.


James stayed bound in the boot of the car until he was dragged out by his angry friend. In a moment of distraction, the victim fought back but sustained stab wounds in the hand. He also got a slash on the head amid screams for help.

An off-duty police officer who happened to be near the location saw the alleged incident and raised the alarm.

James Dicks and John Watson served together in Prince Harry’s old unit called the Blues and Royals which is also part of the Household Cavalry.

Old pals John and James fell out after getting involved in an alleged love triangle

Its ceremonial duties include guarding the Queen and it is based at Windsor’s Combermere Barracks.

Dicks is still in the unit but Watson is now with the Military Provost Guard Service, which protects Army bases.

It is believed Dicks is now in a relationship with Watson’s ex-wife Lynsey Foston.


He was said to have been taken to hospital for treatment but released later the same day.

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  1. Great delivery. Solid arguments. Keep up the good spirit. I’d like to add that women started the end of man, they’ve sent a whole lot of men to early graves, and now we see the queen’s guards at each other’s throat.