Homophobic ISIS Throws A Man From Roof Top.

Horrific pictures from homophobic ISIS fighters have emerged online showing an execution where a man alleged to be a homosexual is thrown off a building.

ISIS thugs have been photographed allegedly throwing a man off a building because he is gay

The accused man gets blindfolded, bound and is dressed in black as he is led to the edge of the 10-storey building like a sheep to the slaughter.

Masked and armed, the heartless thugs leads him to the terrifyingly roof top before pushing him to his death on a concrete floor below.

The background in the video, according to reports, looks like a location in Aleppo, Syria.

Shocking photos show a man being thrown off the edge of a building

As if a dead man has to die twice for their entertainment, the cheering crowd of locals – including children – were on ground watching the brutal murder and waiting to take action. Their own part of the show was to stone a corpse in support of the sick ISIS thugs.

The photographs were taken by supporters of the man’s death and posted on Facebook by pro-Islamist groups.

ISIS thugs also posted images of the man’s lifeless body being stoned, which are too graphic to be shared.

The ISIS brutes are enforcing Sharia Law, which forbids homosexuality

The terror group upholds Sharia Law (a strict legal framework based on Islam) in its strongholds. Sharia Law forbids homosexuality. You dare not criticize or those who follow – not in their presence. The Quran is a holy book and should remain sanctified, same cannot be torn, treated with disrespect or burnt.

Among the illegalities going on in ISIS strongholds is women getting raped again for testifying against her rapist in court.

Where is the law and religion they so preach? All Muslims are not terrorists and every ISIS member (or any likewise organizations) who commits crimes in the name of religion isn’t a true Muslim.

This religion and it’s doctrines have been twisted by many for selfish reasons.

A number of “crimes” are punishable by death, including a non-Muslim marrying a Muslim woman.

The favoured method of death penalty for gay men is throwing off a building and stoning.

These latest shocking photos are just the latest of many released on Facebook in support of Sharia Law.

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