Prince William and Duchess Catherine join climate change activists in Pakistan

Prince William has warned the world could lose “many of the precious things we care about” as a result of climate change.

The 37-year-old royal and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visited a melting glacier in Pakistan on Wednesday (16.10.19) as part of their tour of the country, and witnessed first hand the effect that climate change is having on the planet.

Whilst visiting the glacier – which is located in the Hindu Kush mountain range, in the Chitral district of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province – William spoke about the dangers of climate change, and warned that failure to make changes could have catastrophic consequences.

He said: “If we take too long about this we will lose many of the precious things we care about.”

William – who has Princes George, six, and Louis, 17 months, and Princess Charlotte, four, with Catherine – went on to praise young people around the world who are “getting very engaged in what’s going on”, and said both he and his spouse, also 37, hope to “use our voice and lend our position” to talk about the growing issue.

During their trip to the glacier, the couple were shown how the ice has retreated rapidly in recent years due to global warming, and William said communities “vulnerable to change” needed “more education, more awareness and political action”.

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Speaking in an on-camera interview, he said: “Catherine and I felt it was very important to come to Pakistan and see the different range of environments there are and, and really try and get a feel of the country.

“But also to use our voice and lend our position and our visit to kind of talk about issues like climate change, issues about the environment.

“We’ve seen all around the world now, the young are getting very engaged in what’s going on.

“And I think it’s fantastic that we can all come together and really have a very good conversation about what we need to do, and that action needs to happen very soon.”