Pretty model banned on Tinder because she’s ‘too sexy’

Twenty-six-year-old Holly Valentine from Los Angeles in the US claims she was banned from Tinder after users of the app reported her account as fake.

The users who reported her thought she was “just too attractive” to be real, reports the Daily Mail.

The Instagram model has racked up more than 1 million followers on Instagram and regularly posts racy photos in skimpy bikinis and lingerie.

According to the Mirror, Holly signed up for the dating app in order to meet singles while she was travelling and exploring cities around the world.

The paid version of the app allows users access to people around the world and to upload a couple of cute snaps.

Holly insists all the photos on her profile were “clean” because she’s quite shy when it comes to dating. But she says within hours of signing up for the site, she was slammed with messages from matches insisting that her account was fake.

She soon found out she was locked out of the app, and when she attempted to sign in again it wouldn’t work.

Holly says she’s contacted Tinder to find out what the problem was and says she was given a full refund but no explanation.

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