Pretty Chinese actress Fan Bingbing no longer ‘a pair’ with Li Chen

Yet another power couple has called it quits.

Chinese celebrity couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announced last weekend that they have broken up–a decision which their numerous fans are yet to digest “for good”.


In a Weibo post, the actress wrote, “We experience all sorts of farewells during the course of our lives. The warmth and love that we receive when we meet become a power that lasts us forever. I’m thankful for the sacrifices, support and love that you’ve given to me all this time (and) I’m thankful to the concern and love that you’ll give me in the future. We’re no longer ‘us’, but we’re still us.”

Li Chen reposted her words, adding on, “From friends to lovers to friends again. The kind of feelings that we have may change, but the pure feelings that we have for each other will never waver. The mutual trust and support that we have is something that will last forever. We’re no longer ‘us’, but we’re still us.

Bingbing and Li Chen went public with their relationship in May 2015 and announced their engagement in September 2017.