Pray For Leicester City.

Leicester City’s historical success in the past 2015/2016 Premier League season isn’t going to be without troubles in the near future.

Soon, the summer transfer window opens and buyers willing to splash cash on the players and club will extend hands of friendship which may not be totally ignored – not when those hands are smeared in gold. That could be tempting and if it does happen, will the Foxes be able to repeat this great achievement in the nearest future?

It’s been great whilst it’s lasted, Leicester. As Adele rightly said: ‘This is the best f***ing story ever.’ The team of zeroes that Claudio Ranieri begun with is now a team of world heroes.

Unfortunately, even an enemy of progress would not wish bad for these handsome and hard-working young men. They deserve everything they’ve got but football has its ups and downs – beyond management and finances.

With the new found fame, it is more likely that all the brilliance of Leicester’s proud Foxes is likely to disappear from the King Power Stadium this summer.

History has it that when Southampton sprung to people’s attention with such miraculous adventures, it took only a season before free-spending money bags from Europe tore the team apart like lions would, a young lamb.

It is my humble hope that their journey to success will not be converted into a trashy Hollywood movie.

I do also pray that as they receive a lovely pay cheque from sponsors next season, may their dream of world dominance remain strongest backed up with action, hunger and commitment instead of being just another dream.

May the good lord guide you all safely from the temptation of tabloid obsession, fancy cars, alcohol, drugs, women and bench warming.

May your reign at the center stage of football last long, Leicester.

3 thoughts on “Pray For Leicester City.

  1. I feel that it is among the most important things for footballers to work hard and pray. Thanks for the info, it’s really helpful to me and my family since we found your blog.

  2. It’s a hard time for Leicester. Winning the EPL and fallen around relegation zone within a few months can be heartbreaking. They need to go back to the drawing board.