Powerful CV Ideas You Don’t Want to Ignore.


Getting that dream job starts with having a presentable CV just as your dressing, confidence and presentation would, on the interview day.

A Curriculum Vitae is like a gateway to your soul. Interviewers sometimes can consider an applicant suitable for a job just by looking at this often ignored aspect of job search.

Give yourself the benefit of doubt for the opportunity you seek by carefully presenting your details. Don’t throw your chance away before you grab it.

Now let’s look at these simple but important steps towards creating a job winning CV.

1. Get it refreshed

The layout and format of your CV should have a fresh look. In this modern time, using Times New Roman is completely forbidden because they are not only common but outdated. Get some stylish and modern looking fonts to make a big difference.

“You can afford to be a bit more creative with your CV but it depends on your industry; if you’re going for an accountant job they’re most likely not going to appreciate a wild looking CV but if you’re going into the field of marketing, part of that is to market yourself so your CV needs to portray what you’re going for. Don’t go over the top, but make sure the presentation looks good and it’s suited to your industry.”

2. No pictures

You are advised to avoid using pictures or passports on your CV unless the job or position you seek requests. People applying for modelling or acting jobs may need to use pictures especially if applicants are to be selected by their looks.

Using photos can be a disadvantage because it makes you open for discrimination.

3. Avoid this insult

Do not write Curriculum Vitae” or “CV” at the top of your CV. It is outdated. Employers already what it is and they are not as dumb as you’re going to make them look with that.

Starting with a name, address, email (or social media links especially LinkedIn) and phone numbers is acceptable.

Then follow it up with your objectives and personal profile – a quick summary of about three sentences or more to explain what you’re about and how you are going to meet the objectives of the industry.

Your key skills should come next. Explain the few quality achievements you have recorded in your previous jobs. Also, highlight your strengths and what remarkable qualities you possess that sets you apart from others.

After the steps above, you can list your career history; Education; the finish this part with your interests and activities, if any.

4. Interests are very important

People take it less serious listing their interests without understanding that the organization can use this as part of the evaluation process.

Most companies want to know who you are outside official duties. Making this information available can help the employer decide if you are a perfect fit for the company in terms of skill or culture.

Do not lie, you might need to discuss the interests during interviews.

5. No references under

You do not need references under your CV. Do not also consider writing “available on request”.

That would be unnecessary and a waste of time and space. The employer will never worry about contacting any of those people if you haven’t made it a few steps through the interview process.

6. What’s your swag

Take your employers by storm from the very beginning. As you must have done in your profiles on LinkedIn or other job sites, choose a catchy headline like “Award Winning Accountant.” These tags can market your profile even before the details are checked.

Also, it arouses interests from employers in a way.

7. Use bullets wisely

You are advised to carefully use bullets where they are necessary especially in stating your skills, interests and activities.

Do not use it in your personal profile or elsewhere.

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