Porsche owner blocks neighbor’s entrance after a fight; abandons car for over 2 years

For nearly a year and six months, two Chinese neighbors who were involved in a very bitter feud, made headlines with their luxury cars – a Porsche Boxster and a BMW 5-series.


The warring neighbors first had a physical fight before following it up with car wars. A Porsche was pictured blocking the BMW from entering or exiting the apartment building.

Witnesses who knew about the fight were all dumbfounded that adults could let anger drive them to this point.


The incident which occurred in Xi’an, capital city of China’s Shanxxi province, attracted visits from police officers but that wasn’t enough to bring peace.

A look at the cars prove their owners had no need for them since the April 2015 incident.

Traffic police paid visits to the warring parties, seeking a peaceful solution to the problem but none was ready to back down. After several attempts, the police left them alone.


Rumors have it that the Porsche owner felt wronged and humiliated by his neighbor, so he was expecting his sports car would be bashed.


However, after waiting for nearly two years, the BMW owner found a way to lift his car.


People living around them said: “The Porsche owner isn’t aware that his neighbor’s BMW has disappeared. He probably doesn’t care because he’s still angry.”

It’s a pity that this expensive car has suffered disgrace from birds’ feces, dust and dried leaves.