Police Scam: How A Singaporean Woman Lost $80,000 To Fraudsters.

Police in Singapore have warned law abiding citizens of the latest trend in cyrbercrimes, after a woman lost $80,000 to fraudsters who pretended to be officers of the law.

The 41-year-old scam victim was said to have received a telephone call from someone who claimed to be a police officer. Their initial conversation was followed with what the scammer called a “lawful briefing” of an alleged criminal act.

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According to AsiaOne, the stranger accused her of being involved in some shady business transactions, pointing out the country’s money laundering penalties.

The unsuspecting woman was then asked to visit a “cloned” Singapore Police Force (SPF) website in order to key in her personal and internet banking details for “further investigations”.

Following instructions from the fake police officer, she visited a link that looked exactly like the SPF website and did as she was told.

In a police statement released Wednesday, the law abiding citizen discovered after a short time that some unauthorized transactions worth $80,000.00 was initiated from her online banking account.

The police cin Singapore clarified that their official website is http://www.police.gov.sg, and advised citizens to beware of anyone asking them for confidential details over the phone or through email/SMS messages.