A Heartless Father Kills His 21-month-old Daughter Out Of Jealousy, After She Survived Cancer.

Maddox Lawrence, a 21-month-old American toddler survived a very rare form of eye cancer, only to be killed by her father who got jealous of the public attention she was receiving.

According to CNY Central, Ryan Lawrence disappeared with his baby girl one weekend in February and she didn’t make it back alive.

The heartless father allegedly killed Maddox, burnt her body and dumped her remains in the waters near Syracuse’s Inner Harbor.

An Amber alert was set for both father and daughter after they went missing on a Sunday in February. Twenty four hours later, the suspect was arrested and taken into custody but he failed to disclose how he killed or got rid of the girl’s body.

Time Warner Cable News confirmed Lawrence allegedly told a Syracuse police detective that he had given Maddox to another couple, to take her out of the country–a story he later admitted to be a lie.

Police swung into action, widening the search area around where Ryan was arrested and a few hours later, the girl’s corpse was found in the waters.

A memorial was erected very close to the site where her body was dumped. Heartbroken sympathizers in Central New York mourned Maddox by filling the location with teddies, candles, flowers and toys which has since been cleared on her family’s request.

Ryan was certified by a doctor to be of a sound mind before the court cleared him for trials. The charges against him was reportedly enhanced to first-degree murder on March 23, according to reports.

He was recently arraigned at a court in Onondaga County where he pleaded guilty to all charges.

The plea comes with an expected sentence of 25 years to life in prison, and as part of the plea Lawrence waives his right to an appeal.

Sentencing for Lawrence is scheduled for October 7th.

It’s been seven months since Maddox was kidnapped and murdered by a man she called dad. However, the horrific manner in which he murdered his own daughter shows jealousy is completely destructive.

We hear about jealousy in families, marriages and relationships, but never between a father and daughter who just survived cancer at 21 barely months only.

Maddox Lawrence1.jpg

Image shows Maddox and her father Ryan Lawrence.

The Washington Post reported that Ryan left a note to Morgan Lawrence [Maddox’s mom] after he disappeared with their child, saying there was a chance that either one or both of them would get hurt.

“Ryan, if you’re listening, please just bring Maddox home,” Morgan pleaded at a press conference hoping he would hear her.

She continued: “Maddox, I love you honey.”

“Ryan please, just please, call. We just want to know that the both of you are safe. The whole family loves you. The whole family wants you both home. We just want to know you’re in a good place.”

Authorities said in a statement that Ryan kidnapped Maddox, took her to a secluded location before hitting her head with a baseball bat. The 25-year-old father then proceeded with burning her body in a fire pit before dumping her remains in a waterway.

A report from Syracuse quotes the police as confirming that Morgan said she and Ryan was not having marital problems.

“The man has no history of mental health issues and he’s not known for using drugs,” a police sergeant said.

It remains a mystery why Ryan would murder a child he was said to have cared for all through her trying times. His lawyer Michael Vavonese says the murder has nothing to do with jealousy, according to CNY Central.


Image shows Ryan’s lawyer Michael Vavonese at a CBS5 interview for the first time after Maddox’s father admitted to killing his 21-month-old daughter.

In another interview with Time Warner Cable News, Michael said: “Ryan Lawrence was a dutiful, caring and loving father for every moment of Maddox’s life up through the time this incident occurred.”

After Ryan pleaded guilty to his crime, Michael told reporters: “He’s ‘unbelievably remorseful for everything he’s done.'”

“He’s torn apart,” the lawyer said about his client.

“His life will be changed forever. He just thought accepting responsibility at this point, avoiding the pain of a trial for everyone involved, was the best thing to do and forgo his right to have a jury consider extreme emotional disturbance.

“It has torn up the community and both families involved and certainly himself.”

Rick Trunfio [the Chief Assistant D.A. for Onondaga County] said in a statement: “I don’t know why he did it — I know it was an act of evil.

“When I look at this little girl and realize what he did to her, I have a loss of words to describe what could possibly be a motive.”