Police Refused Help to Chinese Female Student Attacked in Paris

A Chinese female student studying in Paris, France was physically assaulted in the Metro and the incident is breeding bad blood in China at this moment because the police and onlookers turned a blind eye to the unwarranted attack.

Chinese students learning about wine.

Chinese citizens feel there’s hate against the country and its citizens.

Most are arguing that the girl was attacked simply because she’s Chinese; worse still, the fact that the security personnel failed to save her from the attack proves the assumptions right.

The girl names Fang Fang was attacked by three young men on the train, the report said.

According to the report, the girl was passing by on the speed train when the gangsters called her degrading names because she’s Chinese. Then she refused to be intimidated as she replied the racists, “go away, you guys are rude”. Her response in English didn’t scare the boys away.

The following day, Fang Fang was on the train again when she met the group enroute Gare de Châtelet – Les HallesStation and Étienne Marcel Station.

She tried to fight back as they violently attacked her. The girl screamed for help shouting, “help! I don’t know these people” and asked other passengers in the coach to call the police for her.

The report said only one aged woman came to her rescue. Then the boys kicked and pushed the old woman on top of her.

Right there on the ground, she took out her phone and tried to get pictures of her attackers but they grabbed it from her.

Luckily, another Chinese man came around on the train and successfully retrieved the handset from the boys.

There’s anger over here in China because the girl walked to the police station to report the incident and none of the boys has been arrested even as the girl showed bruises inflicted by her attackers. No report was also filed by the police on the assault.