Pit Bull Shot Dead After It Attacked Owner On The Streets.

While animal rights activists preach for love on pets, a pit bull has been executed by the police for losing its mind and trying to make a meal out of the owner.

The monstrous animal was said to have mauled the owner in a horrific attack at a location in Yichang, Hubei Province.

The pet owner named Rao got a big threat to his life on July 18 as he walked the dog on the streets. Reports confirm, the once loyal dog turned a zombie in a twinkle of an eye–without provocation, almost mauling him to death.

Passers-by had tried scaring the dog away from Rao who was already bleeding from multiple bites. They used sticks on the mad dog but the animal wouldn’t stop.

However, the owner lived to tell the story thanks to the police officers who responded ‘swiftly’ to calls for help though their arrival was a bit late because when they got to the scene, the evil dog had run away to its former owner’s yard–probably realizing what it had done.

Policemen shot the pit bull to death after they asked the owner for permission to do so, according to a report.

The former owner of the dog was Rao’s friend.

Rao had surgery at a local hospital and is currently recovering from the wounds which doctors said, are not life-threatening.

The two sides dealt with the compensation in private.

Police gave a funny explanation for the inexplicable dog-bites-owner incident. The officers –who have better experience with trained dogs–explained that the pit bull was in heat so it went crazy and attacked its owner.

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